Arranging landlord insurance online

Posted: 2nd Jun 2014

Being able to arrange your landlord insurance online may make it easier than you think to arrange cover for your buy to let property.

The days when you may have had to traipse up and down the high street if you were looking for cover are thankfully long gone.

You can now look at what providers are offering and compare landlord insurance online, using a service such as ours.

Hopefully you’ll find a policy that matches your own particular circumstances.

When it comes to the best landlord insurance for buy to let properties, you may wish to bear in mind that what is best for one landlord may not be best for you.

Your needs for your property may very well be unique. Being tempted to select a policy based on a banner headline price alone may not be the most effective strategy when it comes to insurance cover.

Acquainting yourself with what the cover actually provides may typically help assure you that your cover is suitable for your situation.

Some things to think about:

  • do you want new for old contents replacement cover or are you happy with market value replacement;
  • is it important to you that your landlords buildings cover may also provide compensation for loss of rent if your tenants have to move out to allow repairs to be carried out following damage from an insured event;
  • would you prefer a policy that could provide you with cover for subsidence as standard?

These are just a few points that could make a difference to you.

Of course, if you are looking at landlord insurance online then you may wish to ensure that the level of insurance you choose to buy for your property is as accurate as possible. This is a key issue for both the building itself and its contents.

Many people may think that buildings insurance only applies to getting things repaired that have been damaged in floods, fires or even earthquakes and for many claims this is indeed the case.

However, if your property is damaged beyond the point where reparation is feasible though then your property may need to be completely rebuilt.

Accurately assessing the value of your property from a ‘how much would it cost to rebuild it completely’ perspective is an important part of any insurance decision.

Being faced with a rebuild and finding that your buildings insurance does not cover all of the rebuild costs may spell disaster. Getting professional advice about a realistic valuation for your buildings insurance may typically make very good financial sense.

If you are looking at landlord insurance online it may be all too easy to just click on the first policy you come across based on price alone. Taking some time to consider the options available and matching these to what you actually need may be worth your while.