Boom in UK holiday homes

Posted: 13th Sep 2017

Have your dreams of owning a holiday home taken a knock by worries about the falling pound if you are looking to buy abroad, or the uncertainties which continue to surround Brexit?

Then you might take heart from the apparent boom in the purchase of holiday retreats much closer to home – in Britain itself.

Luxury lodges

The recent boom has been fuelled by the availability of lodge-style holiday homes, whose standards of construction and the luxury of their fittings has progressed by leaps and bounds, reports the Express newspaper on the 11th of August 2017.

No longer is this type of holiday home little more than a shed in the woods, they have been transformed into units of accommodation which offer every creature comfort, are built to last and are often equipped to a higher standard than you might find in your own permanent home.

Although still built from fully-treated timber, these luxury lodges may last up to 40 years, have full-size bathrooms and state of the art kitchens, to provide a genuine home away from home.

Steadily challenging the long-established appeal of a static caravan, lodges such as these are also typically found on leased pitches in purpose-designed parks, which offer many other amenities such as swimming pools, restaurants, play areas for children and even golf courses.

Holiday home insurance

Lodges built to such a degree of luxury are not cheap and it is important, therefore, to arrange sufficient holiday home insurance to protect your investment.

Sufficient cover is needed, for example, to safeguard against the potential total loss of your lodge and its contents through fire, storm damage, impacts, floods, vandalism and theft.

The park in which your lodge is erected and the pitch you are leasing, is also likely to have a requirement for you to hold a minimum level of public liability insurance, to protect other park residents, their visitors and members of the public who may be injured or have their own property damaged through some incident involving the lodge you own. Unless the insurance is arranged through them, the park management may ask to see proof of your having the necessary public liability cover.

Holiday lets

The boom in holiday homes such as these of course echoes the desire of owners to have a retreat for their own use and that of their family and friends, but may also reflect an interest in earning a little extra income through letting the accommodation to others for short periods of time.

Whilst this is undoubtedly an attraction in the ownership of such a holiday home, it becomes all the more important to ensure that you have the appropriate type of insurance which covers this use.

Insurers invariably consider any property which is let to tenants – on however short a stay – to be more than usually vulnerable to loss or damage. Specialist holiday home insurance is a necessity, therefore, to ensure that your interest not only as the owner of the holiday home, but also as its occasional landlord, is fully and appropriately covered by insurance.