Buying cheap let property insurance

Posted: 3rd Jun 2014

Cheap let property insurance may be one of those things that you may intend looking for if time permits but you may end up just renewing your existing cover just because you think it may be more convenient.

These days though, it may a lot easier than it once was to access the information you need online to allow you to find your optimum buy to let insurance cover:

  • changing your mindset to think about levels of landlords cover rather than price may be the first step to finding appropriate, as opposed to just cheap, let property cover;
  • while no-one may dispute that price is an important factor in any purchase of home insurance for landlords, if your policy doesn’t provide you with the cover you need then no matter how cheap it may have been, you may have paid too much;
  • everyone may have their own ideas about what they need and what they are looking for and you may typically find that what you may consider to be cheap let property insurance is not what another landlord may find a particularly cost-effective solution;
  • checking through the detail of a buy to let insurance quote may help you to find those policies which may offer the closest match to your expectations – though you may wish to bear in mind that having a look through the terms and conditions as well may be a sensible step;
  • only when you understand just exactly what may or may not be covered and to what extent, may you be in the position to actually make a purchase;
  • you may find, for example, that while some cheap let property insurance policies may offer cover for subsidence as standard, by no means all do, so if this is something that is important to you, it may be worth looking out for (you may be pleased to know that we offer landlords subsidence cover as standard);
  • malicious damage by tenants may be another area of cover that may not be available in all policies (again, we can offer this element of protection);
  • when assessing a buy to let quote for suitability for your requirements, you may wish to check out what provision it might make for public liability cover – not all policies may offer the same levels of cover and if you end up being sued by someone, you may feel better if you know that there is a generous level of cover provided by your landlords insurance;
  • another area that you may wish to check on are the conditions relating to when unoccupied insurance cover may be necessary – some policies may require that you have this type of cover if your property is standing empty for a period in excess of 30 consecutive days.

The only way you may ever know if your buy to let cover can be called cheap let property insurance or not may be to go online and compare a few quotes. Alternatively, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.