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Unoccupied Property Insurance – Extra But Necessary

Posted: 2nd Jun 2014

For a landlord, buy to let property insurance is important. This insurance though, may have special conditions for when the property is empty and unoccupied property insurance may then be required. An unoccupied property, for the purposes of many buy to let insurance policies, is one that stands empty – typically for periods in excess Read the full article…

Why compare unoccupied property insurance?

Posted: 2nd Jun 2014

Before talking about why it may be advisable to compare unoccupied property insurance, it may be worth confirming why such insurance may be necessary in the first place. Unoccupied property Typically, insurance companies regard unoccupied properties as being in a higher risk category than properties that are occupied. The logic behind this is simple: unoccupied Read the full article…

Unoccupied Property Insurance for the Property Owner

Posted: 2nd Jun 2014

Get Quotes Now From Multiple Insurers – Our prices start at £126 As a landlord there can be many reasons why your property has become unoccupied, you may be renovating it, rebuilding it, trying to sell the property after a relatives death, trying to sell the property following other personal changes in your circumstances or Read the full article…