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Lets with pets

Posted: 26th Mar 2018

The question, as to whether or not to allow tenants to keep pets in a let property, has long been one that may have troubled some landlords. There are arguments for and against this which have been explored extensively in various publications and landlord insurance websites. However, what was previously a largely business tactical and Read the full article…

Gas safety certificates: need to know

Posted: 20th Mar 2018

A recent court decision has a given cause for concern amongst some landlords. This relates to the question of gas safety certificates and how they may affect the outcome of a landlord’s attempt to obtain possession of a property through the Section 21 route. The case The court concerned has recently rejected a Section 21 Read the full article…

Landlord legislation: your checklist

Posted: 2nd May 2017

Whether you are a committed, “professional” landlord with specific objectives for a buy to let business, or a so-called “accidental” landlord who happens to find themselves with a property to let, your activities are regulated by legislation – an increasingly extensive raft of legislation at that. Naturally, you want to stay on the right side Read the full article…