Looking for the cheapest landlords insurance?

Posted: 2nd Jun 2014

The cheapest landlords insurance is an attractive concept but a word or two of caution might be required.

The cost of your landlords insurance will typically vary depending upon a number of factors and one important area that may affect the price is the quality of let property insurance cover offered.

Having the cheapest landlords insurance may not seem such an important achievement to you if, in the event of trouble, you find that it is neither suitable for your needs, nor offering the protection you had hoped for.

The obvious implications for any let property insurance is, therefore, that it is important to search for a policy that provides the breadth and nature of cover you require, in your individual situation.

We are confident that via our services, you will be able to find landlords insurance providing an excellent range of cover. Some of the cover provided by ourselves, generally as standard, may be relatively uncommon when considering some other forms of let property insurance.

These may include:

  • cover for legal fees that arise from an insured risk – that may even include situations where you did not win the case (but typically this would not cover situations where you were taking legal action against tenants for eviction or the recovery of rent arrears);
  • trace and access – this is cover that will allow you to recover the costs associated with a tradesperson’s explorations seeking to find the origin of a problem (up to pre-agreed limits);
  • malicious damage by your tenants – such cover may not be typical on some buy to let property insurance;
  • subsidence – once considered an essential part of all buildings insurance, today not all policies will provide it as standard and that may leave you very significantly exposed unless you opt to pay an additional fee;
  • loss of rental income protection – you may suffer this surprisingly easily if your property is rendered un-rentable due to an insured risk (specified maximum limits may apply).

As is the case so often in life, what proves to be cheap for someone else may not prove to be the cheapest solution for you.

The search for the cheapest landlords insurance should not result in the exclusion of considerations relating to the quality of cover provided – our services may help you achieve excellent cover at a cost-effective price.