Subsidence History? Cover4 can help

Posted: 5th Mar 2017

Here at Cover4LetProperty we will always try and obtain quotations for the majority of risks we are shown by our clients.

Our landlords insurance policies can cater for many historic issues your property may have – typically even, in some cases, subsidence.

Should you require a landlords insurance quotation from us for a property which has previously suffered from a subsidence claim we will ask you for some additional information including:

  • date of claim;
  • cost of claim;
  • full explanation of the cause of the claim;
  • full breakdown of the work undertaken to rectify the problem;
  • current/recent surveyors report following the completion of works.

If you are currently going through the progress of making a subsidence claim against your landlords insurance we will always suggest you remain with your current Insurer as these risks are almost impossible to replace during the early stages of a claim.

We do understand how stressful having had to make a subsidence claim has been for you and we will do our utmost to find you a competitive landlords insurance quote.

Please note that if you are unable to provide us with any of the above information, then we will not be able to provide terms to you.

The team here at Cover4LetProperty are here to help, contact us and ask away as it is our job to deal with your queries and concerns regarding your landlords insurance.