The best buy to let property insurance

Posted: 2nd Jun 2014

You don’t need to be a perfectionist to want the best buy to let property insurance that your money can buy. What you may need however is:

  • a general overview of what is available out there in the buy to let UK insurance market place;
  • a good idea of what features of buy to let insurance you consider are essential, nice to have, or could happily do without.

There may be no such thing as a typical landlord and there may equally be no such thing as typical buy to let landlord insurance. What would constitute the best buy to let property insurance for you may be totally unsuitable for another landlord with a different set of criteria.

Using our site, where you can compare let property insurance policies and get expert advice if required, may help you get the most suitable buy to let landlords insurance for your own particular circumstances.

One point that you may wish to consider is that when it comes to the best landlords insurance cover, price may not be the only or indeed the most important factor.

As a landlord, the income from your buy to let property may form a substantial part of your livelihood. Landlords insurance policies may differ in the extent to which they can provide financial protection in the event that something goes wrong.

For example:

  • if your tenants have to move out of your property while it is being repaired then your income will be affected. If the repairs are for insured incidents, like fire or flood damage for example, then there are buy to let property insurance policies (such as ours) which can provide you with financial compensation for this loss of income;
  • landlords contents cover for a buy to let property may typically come on either a new for old or market value replacement basis. Which is best for you will depend on factors such as the quality and age of those furnishings and how much you would be prepared to pay yourself to replace them if the need arose;
  • in a situation where someone is injured while on your property, they may decide to sue you. Public liability insurance typically may form part of your general buy to let buildings insurance and it is this that would be used to cover payment of the damages awarded by a court and possibly the legal fees as well. Not all policies offer the same levels of financial protection though and you may be personally responsible for any shortfall.

Bearing these pointers in mind may help you find some of the best buy to let property insurance policies around – thereby allowing you to make an informed decision as to which one is the most appropriate for you.