The best let property insurance quote

Posted: 4th Jun 2014

How you decide what is the best let property insurance quote may depend on a number of factors, including the type of property you have, whether or not you let it on a furnished basis and of course, your own personal preferences for your buy to let insurance. A few of the features you may wish to look out for may include:

  • if a tradesperson has to be called to fix a problem in your property, then it may well be the case that the repairs are covered by your landlord insurance cover. Damage that this person may have to cause to your property while trying to locate the original problem and rectify it, may not be – unless your buy to let property has trace and access cover included;
  • losing rental income if your tenants have to move out of your property while repairs to damage caused by an insured event are carried out may be a serious concern for you, however, a policy which might provide for loss of rental income may be a solution;
  • are there any opportunities for reducing the level of premiums through discounts – with some landlords insurance providers, this may be possible on some policies where reductions of up to 40% may be possible if you agree to accept a higher voluntary excess;
  • with some landlords insurance, there may be restrictions on the types of tenants that you can have in your property – you may typically find students and DSS amongst the categories excluded. Other policies may be more flexible though, which may be more suitable for your business;
  • providers may take different views about which features of cover are provided as standard and which may be optional and only available at an extra cost. Two examples of such may be subsidence and malicious damage by tenants and if you feel strongly about either one, it may be worth looking out for a policy where these are offered as standard;
  • what you may consider to be the best insurance for your buy to let property may not be the same as another landlord, who may have a different set of requirements;
  • using our online service – or over the telephone if you prefer – we may be able to help you to find appropriate let property insurance quotes for your situation and hopefully one of them will turn out to be the best let property insurance quote for you.