What is unoccupied property insurance?

Posted: 4th Jun 2014

Unoccupied property insurance – also known as empty or vacant property cover – offers protection for your property when it is standing empty. By “empty” we mean that no one is living there. The property could still be furnished, but if no one is residing there, then it will still be classed as a vacant or unoccupied property after a number of consecutive days.

This type of cover isn’t just for landlords whose rental property is untenanted or whose property is undergoing renovations , the cover may be needed by owner-occupiers who:

  • • are away from their home for an extended period of time (for business or pleasure);
  • • have inherited a probate property;
  • • have split up and moved out of the marital home whilst waiting to sell it etc.

A property tends to be unoccupied (and then requires special empty property cover) after a defined period of time by your existing landlords insurance or owner-occupier home insurance policy. This typically varies from between 30-45 consecutive days, so check out your existing cover to make sure you know how long your property can stand empty before you need to take out additional cover.

You may think that although your property is empty, you can “make do” with your existing insurance. Doing so, however, will typically invalidate your existing policy and means you will not be able to make a claim under it, should you need to.

Unoccupied property cover is a very important aspect to protecting your empty property, so if you have any questions or are unsure as to the status of your property, please feel free to contact us.