What to look for in a cheap let property insurance quote

Posted: 3rd Jun 2014

When searching the Internet for a cheap let property insurance quote, you may wish to bear in mind that to maximise the benefits of having a wide choice, you may have to avoid the temptation just to select the policy with the lowest premium price.

When it comes to insurance (and not just landlords insurance), comparing policies may involve actually looking at the detail of the cover provided, so that you can make an informed choice about policy features that may or may not be important to you.

If your cheap let property insurance quote does not provide you with the cover that you want then its price is largely irrelevant and the policy may be of no interest to you, no matter how cheap it is.

Every landlord is different and what you consider to be a cheap let property insurance quote may not appear so cheap to someone else with a very different set of buy to let property insurance requirements.

You may find that some of the major differences between policies may include features such as:

  • whether or not subsidence is covered as standard – not all policies include this these days, so if it is important to you, it may be worth looking or for;
  • if a tradesperson causes damage to your property while trying to repair another problem that is covered by your insurance, does your policy include trace and access cover for additional repairs arising from this intervention;
  • is malicious damage by tenants covered – again not all policies may include this as standard;
  • different providers may have a different stance when it comes to covering legal fees that you may incur if you’re sued under third party liability provisions – although landlords policies may typically be unlikely to include proceedings that you may have initiated relating to evictions or rent recovery;
  • levels of public liability cover may also vary considerably between policies and you need to make sure that the policy you select has a level of cover that is acceptable to you.

When reviewing your buy to let property insurance quotes, you may wish to take note for future reference of any requirement on your part to have unoccupied property insurance.

This may arise in cases where your property is standing empty for periods of typically thirty days or more.

This might be for a variety of reasons, like renovations being carried out, legal problems preventing lets or tenants being difficult to find. It may not make any difference whether these vacancies are under your control or not – if the period where no one is living in your property extends beyond 30 days, then your existing buy to let cover may cease to provide cover.

Getting a cheap let property insurance quote that provides you with the cover you need is not that complicated. Once you know what you’re looking for it just may take a couple of minutes of your time.