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A typical unoccupied property insurance quote

There are situations where you may need to obtain an unoccupied property insurance quote:

  • typical home buildings and contents insurance for both landlords and owner-occupiers, may contain clauses to the effect that portions of your cover (or the entire policy) may no longer apply if your property stands unoccupied for more than thirty consecutive days;
  • these clauses exist due to the fact that, typically, properties are at higher risk when they are unoccupied (to certain categories of problem that is, such as burglary and vandalism etc);
  • an unoccupied property insurance quote will provide you with a price for covering properties that move into such a status;
  • the status of unoccupied property and your need for such cover, may arise even though the circumstances are entirely accidental – e.g. tenants not moving in when planned or redecoration of your property, prior to letting, taking much longer than you expected;
  • to comply with the conditions of such cover, you may need to periodically visit and inspect the property and keep a log of when you did so, together with a note of any repairs and maintenance you carried out;
  • in the case of unoccupied property, it might also be advisable (in fact, some policies may require it) to ensure that a light or two is on a timer and that external garden and other areas are kept in tidy and well-maintained condition;
  • unoccupied property status may arise even if the property is not immediately available to you – for example, if you have property under probate, empty pending conversion or awaiting the conclusion of extended divorce proceedings etc;
  • it may be advisable to carefully read the details of your policy (or seek the advice of your landlord insurance broker) if the period of standing unoccupied is likely to be of very extended duration – there may be special conditions or requirements for furnished or unfurnished properties in such situations;
  • if you suspect that your property may become officially categorised as unoccupied, then it may make sense to obtain an unoccupied property insurance quote without too much further delay.
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