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Building Contents Insurance

Cover4 Let Property provides you with an online facility to quote and buy your building contents insurance UK. We provide all information regarding the insurance products we offer online allowing you to make an informed decision based not just on our competitive premiums, but on the cover our policies provide.

Our building contents insurance UK policies are available as:

  • Buildings only policies
  • Buildings and contents policies
  • Contents only policies

With market leading cover comes the peace of mind knowing you are protected and with premiums from as low as £73 you’re getting building contents insurance (UK) with market leading cover at a market leading premium.

We have rates from as low as 10p per £1,000 building sum insured.

The building contents insurance UK policies we provide are available online where you can purchase and incept the insurance immediately.

Alternatively you can call our building contents insurance UK on 0800 970 7172 where we can complete the necessary quote forms for you, provide a quote and go on cover immediately for your peace of mind.