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Choosing the best landlord building insurance

Getting your hands on the best landlord building insurance for you does not have to be difficult – providing you know exactly what you are looking for.

Your primary concern may be to protect the financial investment that you have in your buy to let property. Understanding the risks you face may be of paramount importance.

Making sure that you have appropriate cover for your building and its contents is understandably important, as is ensuring that you have adequate levels of public liability in place.

It is not just about your building and contents though.

If your property is unoccupied then you may have to take special steps, in the form of unoccupied property insurance, to ensure that you have the best landlord building insurance protecting you.

Whether you live in your property or rent it out, an unoccupied property is when your property stands vacant for a period of 30 consecutive days or more as a result of situations like:

  • renovations or refurbishment;
  • an extended gap between lettings;
  • probate or divorce proceedings.

You may need this type of vacant property cover because, when your property is empty, it is more vulnerable to different types of risk such as:

  • a minor problem going unnoticed and being allowed to get worse over time thereby causing more damage;
  • unlit windows and uncared-for gardens may be a give away for thieves and vandals who may take the opportunity to carry out their work unobserved.

Unoccupied property insurance may carry with it terms and conditions, which may require you to take specific actions to try and help keep your property that bit safer when it is unoccupied. These may typically include:

  • visiting the property regularly to carry out ongoing maintenance;
  • keeping a log of visits and work carried out;
  • making sure heating and water systems are drained down;
  • making sure that the garden is kept tidy.

To get the best landlord building insurance, one of the most important things to understand is that what is best for someone else may not necessarily be best for you. Getting landlords insurance quotes to fit your exact set of requirements can typically be very easily either by using our online landlords insurance quote engine or by getting in touch via email or on the telephone. We will be more than happy to help you find appropriate cover.

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