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Cover4LetProperty – the Robin Hood of the Landlords Insurance World?

Not exactly, but like Robin Hood, we know the county of Nottinghamshire very well and we have negotiated some great deals for Landlords Insurance in these areas including the lovely city of Nottingham.

You may wonder where a Company’s passion for Nottingham comes from they are based down in Southend?

It is quite simple really, one of our main Insurers are based in the City of Nottingham and over the last 10 plus years of our Landlords Insurance Relationship with them we have made frequent visits to the County and have tapped into their local knowledge to ensure we have the best available rates for Landlords Insurance for this part of the UK.

If you study our blogs carefully you will no doubt find stories about our “Nights Out” in the area proving that Insurance People can have fun!

Whatever your Landlords Insurance needs are if you have properties based in Nottinghamshire contact our team and let us offer you the best quotation we can.

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