Do you offer renovations insurance for unoccupied properties?

Posted: 4th Jun 2014

Yes, we do! That’s because we know that some landlords purchase properties that are in need of renovation before they will be suitable for letting to tenants.

A standard landlords’ policy might only provide cover for up to somewhere in the range of 30-45 consecutive days if the property is unoccupied. As a result, your cover may lapse if your property stands empty for longer due to the fact that your renovations are significant and potentially running for some weeks or months.

It is essential to take steps to ensure that you have continuity of protection in place with unoccupied property insurance. Keep in mind that if you have any form of buy-to-let-mortgage secured on the property, you may be in breach of your contract with the lender if you fail to maintain such cover at all times.

Of course, any insurance policy will inevitably come with terms and conditions and you can see a comprehensive overview of these by clicking here .

This really isn’t an area of cover that it would pay to take chances with. If you are forced to make a claim for an event that occurred on your property, any insurance provider may check the building’s occupancy status as a matter of routine.

If it transpires that the property is standing empty whilst renovations are undertaken and you have not taken out appropriate insurance for unoccupied properties, your claim may be refused.

We would welcome the opportunity to clarify any uncertainties you might have in this important area of landlord insurance cover.