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Finding the best unoccupied property insurance

If you are a landlord then you obviously you may wish to keep the times when your property has no tenants living in it and paying rent to you to an absolute minimum. There may be times though when this may be unavoidable and in these circumstances you may wish to ensure that your property is protected by the best unoccupied property insurance:

  • if you read through your buy to let property insurance policy you may note that there are terms and conditions which may apply if your property is left standing unoccupied for extended periods of time;
  • different policies may specify different time periods but you may typically find that you need to make special provision in the form of vacant home insurance for periods in excess of thirty days;
  • finding the best unoccupied property insurance may be made that bit easier if you allow us to help you to find the most appropriate cover for your particular situation;
  • we understand only too well that what may turn out to be the best unoccupied property insurance for someone else may not be the best for you and may help you compare the available policies to find the one which matches your circumstances and your pocket;
  • you may typically find that this type of cover is required even if the reason that your property is lying empty is beyond your control;
  • situations that landlords may face may include you finding it difficult to find new tenants or perhaps you have, but they have been delayed and put back their entry date;
  • you may have decided to refurbish your property and have been experiencing delays with builders etc that have pushed your planned dates out;
  • it is not just landlords who have been singled out as needing to try and find unoccupied property insurance cover if their property is empty for extended periods;
  • if you are an owner occupier, your property may face the same change in risk profile when it is empty, so you may find that the property may face the same unoccupied insurance requirements as a let property – this might be as the result of some legal process like probate or a divorce settlement, an extended holiday or business trip;
  • if you find yourself in the position of needing this type of cover, you may wish to bear in mind that the terms and conditions which may be attached may require that you take specific action with regards to the security of your property;
  • this may include making regular visits to carry out any required maintenance or remedial work and to keep a record of doing so;
  • finding the best unoccupied property insurance is not a particularly onerous task but one which may be well worth any effort involved.
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