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How to find suitable cover for your buy to let property

As a landlord, your life may be kept fairly hectic trying to balance the hands-on aspects of your business with the book keeping and administration that may typically also be required.

Taking the time out to find landlords insurance may be something that you know you should get round to but perhaps keep putting off. In reality though, the search for appropriate landlords cover doesn’t have to be time consuming or onerous.

As an illustration, Cover4LetProperty provides a service dedicated to landlord insurance.

You can view and purchase policies online and have all the relevant documentation emailed to you or if you prefer, we also offer a telephone service and can send documentation out in the post.

Getting appropriate cover for you may be as simple as supplying some basic information about yourself and your property and then selecting from the options which most closely match your requirements.

You may be particularly interested in policies which may help simplify your life by providing some of the following features.

Loss of rental income cover

If your tenants have to move out of your property if it is rendered uninhabitable following damage from an insured event, then your income obviously suffers.

There are buy to let policies though which can provide compensation in this situation up to a predefined amount to help you manage your finances.

Different tenant types

You may have a number of properties which cater for the requirements of a number of types of tenant – families, young professionals, students or DSS etc. You may have come across buy to let insurance providers who may have excluded some of these categories from their cover.

There are providers, such as ourselves, who provide cover for all tenant types and this could make finding appropriate insurance policies a whole lot easier for you.

Excess options

Finding the protection for your investment property you need at a premium that you think is reasonable might be made just that bit easier if you bear in mind that there are some providers who may be prepared to reduce premiums if you agree to accept a higher voluntary excess on your policy. In this respect, we can offer discounts up to 40%.

This may, of course, mean that in the event of a claim you may have to contribute more towards any costs but that may be more that covered by the premium savings you make in the meantime.

Trace and access

Tradesmen may, on occasion, fix the problem you called them into deal with but leave another in its place.

This could relate to damage that they may have to cause while trying to locate the source of the problem you asked them to look at. Our trace and access insurance covers the cost of the repairs.

If you require any further information, clarification on anything or simply want to chat to one of our team of experts about your cover, please call us for free on 0800 9707 172. We will be happy to help!

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