Renovation insurance explained

Posted: 24th Oct 2018

One of the products we offer is called renovation insurance.

Here we will examine that and explain why it might at times be required.

Occupied and unoccupied properties

The type of property insurance cover you require is dictated by many different factors. One of those relates to whether or not your property is occupied or unoccupied.

Standard let property insurance may include cover, for a limited period defined as a maximum number of consecutive days, for properties that are unoccupied. Once that number of days is passed, specific unoccupied property insurance is required.

However, there is a third category of property and that is where the property concerned is under renovation. Such properties may or may not be occupied whilst the renovations are underway.

Properties under renovation

When discussing this category, it isn’t usually considered to include situations where relatively minor work is undertaken. Things such as normal redecoration or perhaps fitting a new front door also wouldn’t be included.

Instead, it normally describes properties where the work is major and so fundamental as to perhaps mean that the property cannot be occupied while the work is underway or where it becomes virtually impossible to secure it from potential illegal intruders.

For example, if you are adding an extension to one side of your property or replacing a roof, your builders may find it almost impossible to guarantee that they have secured their work area to the extent that burglars couldn’t use it as a potential access point through into the main property.

In many such cases, renovations can add significant burglary and vandalism risks to the property’s normal risk profile.

There are some other potential issues that might arise too.

If you have large-scale building works underway on a property, the chances of things such as building damage or fires arising as a result of the tools being used on site may be relatively high. That again is a change to the normal risk profile associated with a standard let property insurance policy.

Renovation insurance policies

Due to the large variety of circumstances that might be, broadly speaking, described as “property renovation”, it is difficult to give a precise definition.

It’s therefore sound practice to notify your insurance provider in advance of any significant property work you are planning to undertake. That is particularly important in situations where the renovations will result in the property remaining unoccupied for extended periods and/or where it becomes impossible to make sure that access to it is secure and controlled.

Depending upon the exact circumstances of your situation, we at Cover4LetProperty will be able to offer you advice as to whether special renovation insurance is required.

You should not simply commence the renovations based on the assumption that any existing standard homeowner or landlord insurance will continue to provide you with the cover you require.


We totally understand that no two situations here are ever likely to be identical.

That’s the reason why, if you are considering significant renovations to your property, you should contact us for a discussion without further delay. We are standing by ready to offer our assistance.