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Requirements for an unoccupied property insurance quote

When you purchase buy to let landlord insurance cover, you may note that these may contain terms and conditions relating to the occupancy status of your property. These conditions may mean that you might benefit from getting an unoccupied property insurance quote because:

  • a standard landlords insurance policy may be based on the assumption that your property is occupied by tenants;
  • obviously this may not require that there is someone present in the property at all times with provision being made for periods of absence which are of relatively short duration, e.g. for holidays and the like;
  • while the actual number of days your property can be unoccupied may vary from policy to policy, you may find that typically, after something like 30 consecutive days, your policy may cease to provide cover;
  • you may need to find empty property insurance, which is why you may need an unoccupied property insurance quote;
  • there may be a number of reasons for this but the basic principle may be that when a property has no one living in it the risks that it may face change;
  • a small problem, for example, may become more serious over time potentially causing more extensive damage which may be more difficult and costly to repair;
  • unlit windows and a garden becoming more and more untidy may also be encouraging signs for thieves and vandals;
  • the reasons that your property is empty may not be particularly relevant and you may be interested to note that the requirement for this type of cover is not restricted to landlords – owner occupiers may also be bound by the same conditions;
  • you may wish to bear in mind that even if you obtain unoccupied property cover from your provider of landlords insurance online, the terms and conditions of this specific type of cover may vary significantly;
  • for example, you may be required to arrange for the property to be visited on a regular basis to carry out routine maintenance and to ensure that any problems are quickly put right;
  • you may also find that your unoccupied property insurance quote may require that you keep a record of these visits and any work undertaken.
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