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The best landlord insurance brokers?

Using an insurance broker to find your buy to let insurance cover may be one way of ensuring that you find appropriate protection for your property. The best landlord insurance brokers may be able to match your requirements to a range of policies, which you can then compare to find the one that most closely matches your requirements:

  • you may wish to bear in mind that a standard buy to let policy (even if it was found with the aid of the best landlord insurance brokers), may not provide you with cover in the event that your property has no tenants in it for a period of 30 or more consecutive days;
  • an empty or unoccupied property may or may not be furnished – it is the absence of tenants that is the important factor;
  • this may be for a variety of reasons that may not be particularly important from an insurance point of view – the important fact is that the property is unoccupied and unoccupied property insurance may be required;
  • that may be because when there are no tenants in your property, small problems may develop into larger ones with no one there to spot them (and get them fixed) and thieves and vandals may be more likely to strike when they may know that there is no one around;
  • unoccupied property cover may not be the only feature of buy to let cover that, as a landlord, you may find interesting;
  • you may appreciate a landlords insurance policy that may be able to offer you cover for malicious damage by tenants as standard or for damage caused by subsidence;
  • you may also welcome the flexibility of being able to choose exactly who you may wish to let your property to – some buy to let properties may exclude students or DSS tenants from cover and this may impact on your ability to earn a living;
  • the best landlord insurance brokers can do is perhaps to offer you the chance to select a policy for your investment property which offers you the peace of mind and the flexibility you may need.
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