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Thinking about let property insurance quotes

Getting appropriate cover for your buy to let property is obviously important to you. By providing you with information you need, let property insurance quotes can help you make an informed choice.

Comparing let property insurance quotes is not just about looking at the price. Of course, price is an important factor but you may also need to give close consideration to just what cover is being provided by a particular policy and importantly, what may be excluded from cover.

Buildings cover

Typically this can protect you financially from the effects of damage from a number of insured events such as fire, floods, storms, earthquakes, vandalism etc.

What you may find, however, is that not all landlord insurance policies may provide cover for subsidence as standard. If subsidence cover is something that you feel strongly about then you may wish to look out for a policy where you don’t have to pay extra for it.

You may wish to bear in mind too that the level of buildings cover that you may need should reflect the total cost (including architects’ and surveyors’ fees, searches, site clearance and the like) of rebuilding your property, rather than the amount of your outstanding mortgage or the sum you bought the property for.

Loss of rental income

If your property become uninhabitable and your tenants have to move out then provided this was due to an insured event, you may find that some buy to let property insurance may offer loss of rental income compensation as a standard feature of their cover.

Trace and access

Tradesmen called in to fix a problem, may cause damage to something else in their attempts to locate the source of the original problem. If your landlord insurance includes trace and access cover then the damage they cause will be covered too.


There are policies where a premium discount of up to 40% may be available if you agree to a higher excess. This could make a significant difference to you outgoings.

Unoccupied property insurance

Let property insurance quotes may also specify that you may need to take out additional cover if your property is to stand empty for a period in excess of 30 days.

This is due to the extra risks that a property may face when it is not occupied. This could be from thieves, vandals or perhaps a small problem that, left unfixed, may turn into something more serious over time.

Using our services to access some let property insurance quotes may be a hassle-free way of getting the information you need to help you choose a policy. You can then complete your purchase online and receive your policy documents by email in addition to having a hard copy posted out to your home address, if you wish. It couldn’t be easier.

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