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Top tips on looking for landlords insurance

Looking for landlords insurance may be the kind of job that you put off until the last minute. It may seem like hard work trawling through quote after quote. However, that doesn’t need to be the case! Using our service you can access a choice of landlord insurance quotes, just by completing one form!

Or, if you prefer, you can give our friendly and experienced staff a call and they can help you find some suitable buy to let insurance.

However, if you do prefer to compare let property insurance yourself, here are a few top tips that may help you look for the most suitable cover for your individual needs:

  • think about the level of service that you will receive. After all, there is little point in going for landlords cover if the people on the other end of the phone may hinder rather than help your claim.
  • following on from the point above, if you want to buy landlords insurance online, does the website you are using have a telephone number where you can contact someone if you have a query or need help? Or do they hide behind just an email address with no other way to contact them?
  • tempting as it may be to choose a buy to let insurance policy on cost alone, you may wish to look in more detail to find out exactly what you would be getting for your money so you can make sure you have adequate protection;
  • compare the risks that are covered. Insurers may typically offer a “menu” of what perils are included in the cover and these may vary slightly among the different providers. For example, we offer malicious damage cover where some other providers do not;
  • check out the policy for exclusions and limitations. What exclusions or limitations might there be? An important exclusion to be aware of is the importance of your property becoming unoccupied. By “unoccupied”, insurers may typically mean that no one has lived in the property for 30-45 consecutive days. To an insurer, an unoccupied property is a risky property (at greater risk of vandalism, fire and other perils etc). So, an insurer may void the landlords insurance policy if your property is empty for this long and you would need to ensure you have appropriate cover with unoccupied property insurance.
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