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Trying to get the best landlords insurance quote

Getting the best landlords insurance quote may be a question of organisation, though right at the outset it is important to recognise that what’s best for someone else may not be the best quote for you:

  • a good starting point is to try and differentiate in your own mind, between something being the best landlords insurance quote and the cheapest – they may prove to be two very different things;
  • remember that if you need to ever make a claim on your landlord household insurance, the only thing that will be important to you at that time is the detail of the cover provided and not how much the policy cost you originally;
  • therefore, it may be advisable to concentrate on establishing exactly what cover a quotation is offering and then match that against your own position – for example, not all policies will cover DSS and student tenancies and only you will know whether or not that would be an issue for you;
  • exclusions may, in some cases, prove to be difficult for you to practically accept – which is why it is important you read them and the associated terms and conditions, thoroughly, if you are to avoid potential regrets later on;
  • keep in mind when reviewing a landlord household insurance quote, that the quotation may be only an initial view of the final cost of the policy and it may also not necessarily contain full details of the final policy’s terms and conditions – to get a final price you may need to complete a full application and it will be important to read the full policy conditions before making a decision;
  • some quotations may be illustrative and in advertisements, it may not be unusual to see a clause alongside the headline figure, stating that the price is subject to conditions – in practice advertised prices may be very much a best-case scenario and are not, in reality, a quotation as such;
  • the best landlords insurance quote for you may prove to be the one that you feel most closely matches your particular requirements for financial cover and which also offers you a cost-effective solution.
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