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What does buildings insurance cover?

Just about any buildings insurance (whether owner-occupier home insurance; landlords insurance; or unoccupied property insurance) typically covers the structure of the building (so walls, roof etc) as well as the fixtures and fittings.

The fixtures and fittings are things like fitted kitchens, built in wardrobes etc – basically, anything that would be left inside your property if you turned it upside and shook the contents out!

A basic buildings insurance policy may typically include some or all of the following elements of protection:

  • damage to your property from events such as flooding, fire and smoke, storms and earthquakes;
  • theft and vandalism.

What it is important to note is that the hazards covered by a policy may vary, depending on the insurer. For example, subsidence forms a standard part of all of our landlords insurance policies. Some other companies, however, do not, and they will charge you to have this element of protection included if you want it. (This also applies to many owner-occupier policies too, so always check the cover).

Our policies also provide:

  • cover against malicious damage caused by tenants;
  • trace and access cover ;
  • loss of rent cover – this is where, should your tenants have to move out of your property following an insured event (such as a fire or flooding) you will receive up to a pre-agreed sum from us in lieu of your lost rent;
  • plus many other benefits.

If you would like further clarification on what our let property buildings insurance policies cover, please feel free to get in touch .

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