Will Cover4LetProperty treat me fairly when dealing with my Landlords Insurance?

Posted: 2nd Jun 2014

You will of course expect us to tell you that we will and we are fully committed to treating all of our customers fairly and we work very hard as a company to achieve this.

When you place your Landlords Insurance with Cover4 you can be confident in the knowledge that treating you, our customer, fairly is always at the forefront of our minds.

Our Company takes our responsibilities as laid down by our regulator (The FCA) very seriously and we would like to share with you our Treating Customers Fairly Mission Statement which will apply when you approach us for your Landlords Insurance:–

Our Treating Customers Fairly Mission Statement

  • We will ensure that our service (Sales, Admin & Claims) is transparent and that we are offering a suitable product/service to our customer that will be communicated in plain, clear English ensuring the clarity of the offer of our services.
  • We will strive to always deliver what we promise.
  • We will fix it if it goes wrong.
  • We will not take advantage.

Cover4 are proud of our commitment to our customers – request your Landlords Insurance quotation from us today and see the difference.