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As a landlord, you know that having an investment property where the rents are paid on time and the tenant is well-behaved is a tenant you want to hang on to.

So, why do some tenants leave?

At Cover4LetProperty we wanted to find out the reasons why a tenant in the private rental sector typically moves from one rented property to another as well as understand whether the move is influenced by the landlord and / or the property, or by other circumstances.

Our study found that the main two reasons for moving were due to relocation (23% moved to a different area) and due to the cost (a further 23%).

Tenants also said they moved due to the bad condition of the property; not getting on with their landlord; and simply wanting more space.

You can check out our infographic below which highlights all the reasons why tenants move, including their age band, income and gender.

Why Tenants Move

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