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About Us

Cover4LetProperty is a trading style of Alan Blunden & Company Limited.

Alan Blunden & Company Limited was originally founded as a Sole Proprietorship in 1946 and acted as a traditional high street broker.

In 2000, we incorporated and now trade as Cover4LetProperty for our Landlords Insurance and Unoccupied Property Insurance related products.

We offer these products directly to members of the public via our online quotation engine and via our UK based call centre.

We are independent intermediaries and act on behalf of our clients in arranging their Landlord related insurances. Our services include advising clients on their insurance needs, arranging insurance cover with insurers to meet those requirements and help with any ongoing changes that have to be made to your Landlord Insurance Policies.

Our registered office is 80 Baxter Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2 6HZ. We are registered in England and Wales and our Company Registration Number is 3476249.

Cover4LetProperty – Alan Blunden & Company Limited Insurance Brokers are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Number 309694.

Why should I take out a policy with Cover4LetProperty

Cover4LetProperty specialises in Landlord Insurance and Unoccupied Property Insurance.

We have been specialising in this part of the property insurance industry for over 10 years and have placed more than 50,000 policies on cover for Landlords throughout the United Kingdom.

Our offices are based in Southend on Sea and we have a team of experts who are on hand to answer all your queries.

The same member of our Cover4LetProperty Team who discusses your new policy will also be the staff member who helps you throughout the period you are insured with us, which may include making adjustments to your policy and/or making a claim.

Our Cover4LetProperty Manager, Michael Stammers and Director, Richard Burgess are always on hand and you only need to contact the office in order to speak with one of them should you have any complaints or compliments regarding our service.

How do I receive a quotation for my Landlords Insurance Policy or Unoccupied Property Insurance Policy?

Here at Cover4LetProperty you can obtain a quotation for your Landlords Insurance Policy or your Unoccupied Property Insurance Policy by completing the online quotation form or by contacting us on 01702 606301.

Our website allows you to obtain a quotation immediately online and then go onto purchase your Landlords Insurance Policy or Unoccupied Property Insurance Policy and pay using the HSBC E-payments Secure Payments method.

Full details of our Landlords Insurance and Unoccupied Property Insurance Policies, including Insurance Company, are always provided at quotation stage along with all of the appropriate terms and conditions related to your Insurance Policy.

We feel it is very important to point out that we offer quotations from a multiple panel of insurers and we will display all of the premiums which are available, not just the most the competitively priced.

Our expert team are always on hand to offer you personal advice and we would encourage you to pick up the phone and contact us so that we can discuss your personal requirements, to ensure that you are obtaining the right insurance for your needs.

Our Cover4LetProperty team are experts in this field of insurance.

Treating our Customers Fairly

Cover4LetProperty is absolutely committed to treating our customers fairly regardless of whether they are commercial or residential customers.

We are always ensuring and striving to make a difference and offer value to our customers.

We will never offer you an add-on which you do not require and all of our fees are always disclosed to you at time of your quotation.

Cover4LetProperty has a ’Treating Customers Fairly Mission Statement’ which we strive to live by and would like to share with you:

’We will ensure that our service (Sales, Admin & Claims) is transparent and that we are offering suitable products/service to our customer that will be communicated in plain, clear English ensuring the clarity of the offer of our services.

We will strive to always deliver what we promise.

We will fix it if it goes wrong.

We will not take advantage.’

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Cover4LetProperty – Alan Blunden & Company Limited Insurance Brokers are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Number 309694.