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Renovation Insurance / properties undergoing works

Renovation insurance from Cover4LetProperty is aimed at people with empty properties who are looking to carry out renovations whilst it is unoccupied.

Key benefits and points to note include:

  • an unoccupied property is typically one that stands empty for at least 30-45 consecutive days
  • this policy covers structural and non structural work
  • suitable for unoccupied properties undergoing loft conversion, extensions etc
  • this is a specialist product for landlords or homeowners who have bought property to renovate which will be unoccupied whilst the works are being carried out
  • online and immediate quotations from a range of specialist providers available
  • property owners liability insurance up to £2m included
  • policies available offering theft and fire cover
  • please note that the policy does not cover the actual works themselves
  • subsidence cover is excluded if structural works are being carried out.

Renovation Insurance

Renovation Insurance FAQS

Because of the intricate nature of renovation insurance, there may be occasions where we are unable to offer online quotes for all risks. In these cases your request for a quote will be passed straight over to team of specialists who will then call you to discuss your quotation.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive around renovation and home, builders insurance. As renovation insurance is such a specialist product, you may wish to call us to discuss your own individual cover needs.

Our team of experts are always on hand to help you, to provide renovation insurance advice or a quote, so please do not hesitate to ‘phone us on 01702 606301.

Do you offer home renovation insurance for unoccupied properties?

Yes, we do!

A standard landlords’ or home insurance policy might only provide cover for up to somewhere in the range of 30-45 consecutive days if the property is unoccupied (such as periods when you or your tenant is away on holiday) . As a result, your cover may lapse if your property stands empty for longer because your renovations are significant and potentially running for some weeks or months. (Note: A property will still be classed as empty even if you have tradespeople working on the property during the day).

Even if you think your renovation may be completed within 30 -45 consecutive days, you will still need special renovation insurance due to the extra risks a property undergoing works faces.

It is essential to take steps to ensure that you have continuity of protection in place with unoccupied property insurance during a renovation. Keep in mind that if you have any form of buy-to-let-mortgage secured on the property, you may be in breach of your contract with the lender if you fail to maintain such insurance cover at all times.

Of course, any renovation insurance policy quote will inevitably come with terms and conditions, and it is important you fully understand what the cover entails.

This really isn’t an area of cover that it would pay to take chances with. If you are forced to make a claim for an event that occurred on your property, any insurance provider may check the building’s occupancy status as a matter of routine.

If it transpires that the property is standing empty whilst renovations are undertaken and you have not arranged appropriate renovation insurance for unoccupied properties, your claim may be refused.

We would welcome the opportunity to clarify any uncertainties you might have in this important area of insurance cover.

Do I need home insurance for renovations?

You may be wondering whether a homeowners insurance policy covers remodelling of a property. Due to the large variety of circumstances that might be, broadly speaking, described as “property renovation”, it is difficult to give a precise answer, as each situation is typically unique. Depending upon the exact circumstances of your situation, we at Cover4LetProperty will be able to offer you advice as to whether special renovation insurance is required.

It’s sound practice, of course, to notify your insurance provider or broker in advance of any significant property work you are planning to undertake. That is particularly important in situations where the renovations will result in the property remaining unoccupied for extended periods and/or where it becomes impossible to make sure that access to it is secure and controlled.

You should not simply commence the renovation based on the assumption that any existing standard homeowner insurance or landlord insurance will continue to provide you with the cover you require.

Is redecorating a home classed as renovation?

When discussing renovation insurance or insurance for properties undergoing works, it isn’t usually considered to include situations where relatively minor work is undertaken. Things such as normal redecoration or perhaps fitting a new front door also wouldn’t be included.

Instead, it normally describes properties where the work is major and so fundamental as to perhaps mean that the property cannot be occupied while the work is underway or where it becomes virtually impossible to secure it from potential illegal intruders.

For example, if you are adding an extension to one side of your property or replacing a roof, your builders may find it almost impossible to guarantee that they have secured their work area to the extent that burglars couldn’t use it as a potential access point through into the main property.

In many such cases, renovations can add significant burglary and vandalism risks to the property’s normal risk profile.

There are some other potential issues that might arise too.

If you have large-scale building works underway on a property, the chances of things such as building damage or fires arising as a result of the tools being used on site may be relatively high. That again is a change to the normal risk profile associated with a standard let property or home insurance policy.

That’s the reason why, if you are considering significant renovations to your property, you should contact us for a discussion about renovation insurance without further delay.

Does buildings insurance cover building work?

No. When you buy your annual property insurance for your home or let property, one component of this cover will be buildings insurance. This is typically designed to cover the structure, fixtures and fittings of a property against a number of risks such as fire, flood, theft, damage etc. It may include a limited element of empty property insurance – such as times when the property is unoccupied when you are on holiday.

It does not cover special circumstances, such as insurance for renovation, major improvements, or insurance for building a house.

What else do I need to consider when buying renovation insurance?

When buying renovation insurance, it’s crucial to consider several factors to ensure that you have adequate cover for your property during the renovation process. Renovation projects pose unique risks, and having the appropriate insurance in place can protect you from financial losses. Here are key considerations:

  • scope of renovation: Clearly define the scope of your renovation project. Different insurers may have specific policies tailored to certain types of renovations, so understanding the extent of the work will help you find appropriate cover;
  • contractor insurance: Ensure that your contractors have their own liability insurance. While your renovation insurance will cover certain aspects, your contractors should also have their own cover to protect against any liability claims related to the renovation work;
  • security measures: Implement security measures on-site. Some insurers may require specific security measures during renovations, such as fencing, alarm systems, or on-site security personnel. Complying with these requirements can impact your insurance premiums;
  • professional advice: Seek professional advice from insurance brokers or specialists in renovation insurance. They can help you navigate the complexities of renovation insurance and ensure that you have the appropriate cover for your specific project.

By carefully considering these factors and obtaining the most suitable renovation insurance cover, you can protect yourself from potential risks and financial losses associated with property renovations. Regularly review and update your insurance as the project progresses to maintain adequate cover throughout the renovation process.

Why choose Cover4LetProperty for your home renovation insurance?

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