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Beginners Guide to becoming a Landlord

The definitive guide on what you need to know when you become a landlord. Topics include your legal obligations as a landlord; buying at auction; building a relationship with your tenant; marketing your investment etc  Read more

Guide to being a landlord

In terms of an investment opportunity – the opportunity to let your money work for you – buying to let could be hard to beat. The statistics tend to speak for themselves. But actual returns on your investment of course depend on a whole host of factors – and success cannot be guaranteed. This guide discusses the basics of being a landlord. Read more here

Guide to Unoccupied Property

Our compact guide to unoccupied property discusses the risk your property may face while standing empty for any number of reasons, whether you are a landlord or an owner-occupier planning on leaving your home empty for several weeks. It explains the importance of having the most appropriate cover. Read more

Guide to Assured and Assured Shorthold Tenancies

This short guide explains why you need to understand the difference between assured and assured shorthold tenancies; national differences; your legal obligations; and potential ramifications of not complying … Read more

Guide to Renovating

There are a number of reasons why a landlord may decide to renovate a property for subsequent letting to tenants. Read our guide to find out more … Read more

Guide to Protecting your Property

However good the deal you were able to get when purchasing your buy to let property, it is still likely to represent a considerable investment – one designed to deliver a steady income through the receipt of rents and the longer term appreciation in the capital value of the property… Read more

Finding your next investment property

Who wants to be the landlord of buy to let property? A very large number of people to judge by current reports and commentaries. So, what is the attraction and how might you go about finding your next investment property as the foundation for a thriving buy to let business?…Read more

Guide to Marketing your Properties

If you are the owner of buy to let property, marketing the accommodation is likely to be high on your list of priorities. Successful marketing, after all, is probably the best route to selecting and retaining the tenants that provide the rental income on which your business depends….Read more

Complete guide to being a commercial property landlord

Are you a commercial property landlord or becoming one?  You might want to read our comprehensive guide to commercial property risk management and insurance… Read More

Big FAQ guide for landlords

This guide aims to cover the Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about being a landlord. It should be noted that information is correct at the time of publishing this guide, but answers relating to legislation etc. may change. Read more

Finding your next investment property

As with many instances of financial planning and decision making, the choice of a buy to let investment typically results from a consideration of the alternatives and an assessment of the options most likely to suit individual needs and circumstances. Here we discuss the attractions of property investment, what you need to consider, and how to find your next investment property. Read more

Landlords and Cannabis Farms

It might seem strange to see landlords and cannabis farms mentioned in the same breath. But a very real connection may exist and, when it does, the consequences for the landlord and his buy to let business may be dire. Read more

Guide to maximising your let property

A look at how you can get the most out of your let property. Read more

Guide to choosing a letting agent

Choosing a letting agent is an important decision and one which this brief guide is designed to help you make. Read more

A Guide to Selling your Let Property

Do you need to sell one of your let properties?  Here is a guide to help you through the process.  Read more

Landlords Guide to Health & Safety

A landlord has quite a raft of responsibilities and obligations, many of which are related to the health and safety of tenants; some of which may impact on the landlord’s insurance necessary to safeguard the integrity of the property; and some of which are designed to help maintain the standard and quality of housing within a particular local authority area. Read more

A Landlords Guide to HMOs

HMO stands for “House in Multiple Occupation”. This is a legal and officially defined term, with the expression having precise meanings at both local and national government levels. The position outlined in this guide is therefore a generally applicable summary. It may be necessary to check specific points of detail with your own local authority. Read more

Guide to UK Holiday Homes

Thinking about buying a second home for you and your family to enjoy for holidays? Or as a way to generate rental income? Then this Guide to UK Holiday Homes will cover what you need to consider, including where to buy, how to finance your UK holiday home, UK holiday home insurance, plus lots of other useful information.  Read more.