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UK Holiday Home Insurance

UK Holiday Home Insurance from Cover4LetProperty is aimed at people who have a second home, or a holiday home that they let, in the UK.

Using standard owner-occupier home insurance to cover a holiday let or second home will not suffice. This is because properties of this type tend to face different and often increased risks than a standard home.

If you have the ‘wrong’ type of buildings and / or contents insurance for your holiday home, you could find it is invalid. If you require verification on any aspect of the insurance cover which most suits your needs, therefore, then please call us on 01702 606301.

Key benefits and policy options include:

    • get immediate online quotations from specialist providers and buy online
    • loss of rental income and alternative accommodation costs
    • cover for periods when the property is unoccupied (subject to terms and conditions being met)
    • up to 20% discount if you have been claims-free for 3 years
    • options for accidental damage and breakages by the owner and / or guests – including malicious damage;
    • buildings and contents cover for theft, fire, lightning, explosion and subsidence
    • frost damage to fixed water tanks, apparatus or pipes
    • replacement of locks following theft or loss of keys up to £750
    • property owners liability insurance up to £5m
    • cover for domestic staff (e.g. cleaning or gardening staff) up to £5m.

UK Holiday Home Insurance

Getting the most appropriate and cost-effective cover for your second home is important, so if you prefer to talk to us, please ‘phone us on 01702 606301 to discuss your own individual cover needs.

Holiday homes insurance FAQS

Following are some of the frequently asked questions we receive on insurance for holiday homes. If you have a question relating to your second home and insurance that we have not answered below, please get in touch! Please also feel free to browse the rest of the site for useful tips and guides.

What is holiday home insurance?

Insurance for homes is important. You are probably quite familiar with standard home insurance – as an owner occupier you are already likely to have taken the precaution of arranging home building and contents insurance.

If you own buy to let property, you may also know about specialist landlord insurance, which protects not only the bricks and mortar of your let property but also a number of those risks and liabilities which threaten the business itself.

In many respects, holiday home insurance might be as a unique blend of both home insurance and landlord insurance, since:

  • you own the property and probably occupy it from time to time as your holiday home away from home; and
  • because you are not using it all of the time, however, a holiday home may also be a business and so offers an potential opportunity for earning extra income by letting the property to paying guests for parts of the year – you effectively take on the role of landlord to a succession of short-term tenants.

The special – almost hybrid – nature of holiday home insurance is what distinguishes it from both standard home insurance and landlord insurance. So, if you own a holiday home you need holiday home insurance, rather than either of the other two.

Our own Guide to UK Holiday Homes may help to explain that need in somewhat greater detail.

What does holiday home insurance cover?

Just as there are many different types of holiday home, so there are various kinds of holiday home insurance. Nevertheless, all are likely to include the following key elements of insurance cover:

The building

  • protection for the structure and fabric of the property itself against such potentially serious risks as storm damage, flooding, fire, impacts, theft and vandalism – some of which might result in your holiday home being completely destroyed and in need of reconstruction;

The contents

  • insurance protection of the contents against theft, loss or damage – a detailed inventory may reveal quite how valuable, and expensive to replace, many of those contents may be;

Liability insurance – please see our next FAQ for further details

Unoccupied property cover

  • what also makes the holiday home a special case in insurance terms is the frequency and duration of periods when it is likely to be standing empty and unoccupied for a consecutive number of days (typically a property may be classed as unoccupied after 30 days or more of having no-one stay there, but this will depend on your insurance policy);
  • these are times when your holiday home is likely to be at its most vulnerable – not least because there is no one on the premises to raise the alarm if repairs or other immediate action is required;
  • the UK suffers at the hands of some 3 million burglaries and attempted burglaries every year, says the Crime Prevention website – and you do not want your holiday home to become yet another sorry crime statistic;
  • your holiday home insurance may cover against the risk of such thefts, but your insurer is still entitled to expect you to play your part in minimising and mitigating any such losses or damage.

Holiday home insurance therefore occupies a special place in the range of different types of property insurance – if you are fortunate to own such a second home, therefore, you might want to make sure that you have the appropriate, specialist form of holiday home insurance.

There are other elements of holidayhome insurance that you may require, such as loss of rent cover or accidental damage insurance. Depending on what insurance provider you got your insurance quote from, these may be included as standard or available as add-ons. Please ‘phone us on 01702 606301 if you are unsure as to what insurance cover you need, for an insurance quote, or to find out what your policy entails.

Please note that we can only provide an insurance quote for second home insurance for UK properties. Our holiday home policies do not cover properties overseas.

Do I need public liability insurance for a holiday let?

If you are wondering if you need public liability insurance for a rental property, then you should note that any property owner has a general duty of care to take all reasonable precautions against third parties, members of the public, or neighbours from sustaining an injury or suffering property damage through some sort of contact with your holiday home.

Holiday home insurance needs to provide you indemnity against that source of claim, but needs to go further still because of similar liabilities you may have towards tenants and paying guests who become short-term tenants – in other words, an element of landlord’s liability insurance also needs to be included.

Why choose Cover4LetProperty for your insurance?

At Cover4LetProperty, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so you can feel assured you are dealing with a reputable provider of insurance policies.

We provide ourselves on offering a quick quote and buy online service backed with a first class customer service. All our customers are assigned a dedicated Account Handler. This person will help you from quotation through to placing you on cover with your insurance. They will be there if you have any questions or queries and will advise you in the unfortunate event of a claim.

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