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Commercial Property Insurance

At Cover4LetProperty we can help you access a range of cost-effective yet comprehensive commercial property insurance policies, providing you with competitive business property insurance quotes coupled with the protection you require.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and our ability to put together bespoke packages that meet your requirements – we do not believe in trying to sell you policy cover which does not match your needs.

What does a commercial property insurance policy cover?

At Cover4LetProperty, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and we use a wide-ranging panel of trusted insurance companies so you can feel secure that your investment is protected by a reputable insurer. We offer a range of policy options so that the protection can be tailored to your own unique needs.

Some examples of the benefits of our business property cover include:

  • cover for shops, blocks of flats, surgeries, restaurants, cafes, and takeaways, public houses and wine bars, motor trade, offices, warehouses and industrial units;
  • quotes for up to ten properties within a portfolio;
  • the ability to cover unoccupied and partly occupied property, and property where there is business and residential use;
  • property owner’s liability up to £5,000,000;
  • loss of rental income due to an insured event (optional);
  • accidental damage;
  • contents cover (optional);
  • full glass cover (optional);
  • all property and tenant types covered;
  • communal contents, subsidence, trace and access cover, and malicious damage by tenant typically all included as standard (limits and terms apply).

Our policies are designed to cover all the standard risks associated with insurance for business properties including many extras such as subsidence cover and malicious damage by tenant – elements of protection which some let property policies from other providers may exclude or charge you as an add-on.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance FAQS

Here are some of the FAQS we are asked about insurance for commercial premises – these are designed to help you make an informed decision when choosing your cover. If you have any questions or require clarification on any aspect of your commercial building cover, however, or for a quote, please do not hesitate to call us on 01702 606301.

And while you are here, please feel free to browse our website for useful property insurance tips, articles and guides (including our Complete guide to being a commercial property landlord).

How do I get an insurance quote?

We have two easy ways for you to get a quote – simply complete our online quote form for commercial property owners here. Or, give us a ‘phone call.

Our dedicated team are on hand to discuss your personal requirements, so please feel free to ‘phone us on 01702 606301.

What properties can be covered under commercial building insurance?

Our business property owners’ cover is for anyone who owns a commercial property. We can insure all types of business premises. For example: shops, surgeries, blocks of flats, restaurants, cafes, and takeaways, public houses and wine bars, motor trade, offices, warehouses and industrial units, warehouses, unoccupied property (when a property typically stands empty for 30 days consecutively, or more) and commercial properties which are also part residential.

We can also insure up to ten properties under one portfolio, meaning you benefit from only having one renewal date a year as well as attractive discounts for insuring multiple properties.

How much does commercial property insurance cost?

The cost of your business property insurance will depend on a number of factors. Typically, these will include – but are not limited to – the size and location of your building; if there has been a history of subsidence or flooding; the building’s use or uses; its construction materials; the type of activities carried out on the premises; the number of people working there; if the building is vacant; the property’s value; whether you require insurance for stock etc.

As there are so many variants, it is impossible to give an accurate cost here without knowing your own unique property details. You can, however, rest assured that at Cover4LetProperty we pride ourselves on offering what we believe is very competitively-priced, bespoke insurance for your business’ building, so we will do our utmost to ensure you get suitable, cost-effective, cover.

What is property owners liability insurance?

We incorporate up to £5m worth of cover under the property owners’ liability element of our insurance.  This protects you as a property owner against liability claims made for personal injury or property damage suffered by third parties and arising from your ownership of the property.

This means that if one of your tenants, a customer, or a visitor to your property makes a claim against you for loss, damage or injuries as a result of being in your building or on your land, the owner’s liability insurance is there to help towards legal fees and any compensation awards.

As a responsible landlord, of course, you are obliged to make sure your property is well maintained and does not present any unnecessary risks to your tenants, their guests, or passers by.

What are the different types of commercial insurance?

When people refer to commercial insurance, they are generally talking about business insurance – so elements of business protection such as professional indemnity insurance, business interruption insurance and employers’ liability insurance etc.

For commercial property owners, specialist commercial buildings insurance is required to protect the structure, fixtures and fittings should there be loss, damage or total destruction. This is completely different to commercial / business insurance.

We understand that making sure you have the most appropriate cover for your business is extremely important, and understanding the different business product features, terms and conditions may be confusing. So for clarification on any aspect of your insurance needs, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are here to help.