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How can I pay for my cover?

We are pleased to accept a wide variety of payment methods, including some of the most popular in use today.

That includes the following options:

  • credit cards – carrying most of the major market brands (excluding American Express);
  • bank debit cards – these essentially involve the payment coming directly out of your bank account;
  • cheques.

We recognise that in tough economic times, paying for your insurance premium in one go is not always easy. Many people may also try to regularise and manage their expenses to coincide as far as is possible with their income.

That is why we may outline to you, offers and opportunities for paying your premium through what are effectively instalments.

Note that if you do use any form of credit facility in order to pay insurance premiums, you may incur various forms of interest rate and funding charges. In some cases, the providers of credit may also wish to perform a credit reference check on you before advancing you any of their facilities.

We wish to make clear that we are not qualified to offer you financial advice. However, it might typically be more cost-effective to pay your premiums in one go rather than to borrow money and pay interest on that borrowing.

If you have an alternative payment option you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Where it is humanly possible to do so, we will always try to be flexible to accommodate our customers’ requirements.

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