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Is accidental damage covered as standard under my landlords insurance policy?

Contents and / or buildings accidental damage is not included as standard under your Cover4letProperty insurance policy.

This is because we strive to offer you the most competitively-priced cover, without including elements of protection you may not require.

You can, however, elect to have this additional cover when you apply for a quote, either for both buildings and contents or one or the other.

What does accidental damage for buildings cover?

This covers damage to the fabric of your policy, such as the roof, walls and windows. Doors and mirrors are also typically covered.

What does accidental damage for contents cover?

If you are a landlord with a furnished property (ie. so your tenants use your contents) then this cover will safeguard items such as your TV. Your furniture and carpets are also covered.

If you do elect to have accidental damage cover, you should note that only events that have caused damage will entitle you to make a claim. So, damage that occurs suddenly due to an unexpected and non-deliberate external action is typically covered.

Damage as a result of wear and tear, by domestic pets, poor workmanship, or even a PC that has “died” for example, will not be covered.

Should you require any further information or clarification on what your landlords insurance does and does not cover, please feel free to contact us. We will only be too happy to clarify!

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