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Is buy to let insurance the same as landlords’ insurance?

Yes, it is. There are though occasionally some slight differences of context surrounding the use of the two terms.

Buy to let insurance is commonly used in situations where the landlord is applying for some form of loan or mortgage in order to help them purchase a property. That’s because, in most circumstances, a lender offering substantial sums by way of a mortgage will typically wish to see some form of security over the property concerned.

This is sometimes called a buy-to-let mortgage and at the outset the provider of funds is likely to insist that you also maintain insurance to protect the building and therefore the asset you have used to offer them security for their loan.

The logic is that if the property was severely damaged and you did not have insurance to pay for its restoration, it may end up being worth considerably less than the sum of money the lender has lent you.

So, insurance is essential if you are to avoid being in breach of your mortgage contract.

In the context of the letting business itself, established landlords and specialist providers of policies will typically call this area landlords insurance .

This is purely a matter of convention though and as stated above, the terms may be used interchangeably, as they refer to the same type of policy providing the same type of cover.

Note though that landlords unoccupied property insurance is entirely different and something that should be taken seriously in terms of avoiding gaps arising in your property’s insurance.

Owner-occupier cover is, of course, different again.

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