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Making a claim for flood damage to your property

Buy to let properties are obviously not any safer from risks of flooding than others.

If yours does suffer from flooding damage, while you may be able to take some consolation from the fact that your flooded property is not where you yourself live, you still have to deal with the consequences of getting things sorted out:

  1. reread your buildings cover policy so that you are clear in your own mind about what is and is not covered and whether your policy provides new for old replacement for your belongings;
  2. some policies may also provide financial assistance towards the costs of cleaning and safety inspections for gas and electrical appliances. At Cover4LetProperty we can help advise you in this respect;
  3. your insurance for landlords provider will require detail when you lodge your claim. So, make a list of the damage to the property and those contents that belong to you (your tenants will obviously have to claim on their own contents cover for their belongings);
  4. take photos of any damage and mark the water levels on walls etc. so that you have a comprehensive record and if you have photos of your property prior to the flood then that may help with your claim;
  5. keep a record of all conversations and contact with your insurance providers, particularly relating to any emergency work that needs to be carried out in advance of your formal claim. Be sure to keep all related receipts and work quotes so that you can claim these expenses back;
  6. don’t just throw damaged items away. Your insurance provider or loss assessor may need to see these as part of their investigations. Spoiled food may be an obvious exception;
  7. you may also wish to check your policy to see if it provides you with protection for loss of rental income if your tenants have to vacate your property while repairs are carried out – that could make a significant difference to your finances.

Remember too that there may be a few things that you can do to perhaps minimise the effects of such a flood should it happen again. Some of these may be fairly simple like using ceramic tiles and rugs on ground floors rather than fitted carpets.

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