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Spring property maintenance tips

In the depths of winter, it might seem a long time to wait for those first welcome signs of Spring. But it comes around probably sooner than you think – the official start of the season is the vernal or spring equinox which, in 2023, falls on the 20th of March.

With the new season also comes a list of jobs that you’ll need to do to keep any property you own properly maintained and in a good state of repair.

By acting now, you might head off more serious problems as the year progresses – maintenance issues are not going to resolve themselves. It will help maintain the value of your property and, if yours is a let property, enhance the kerb appeal for potential new tenants.

Here are our tips:


  • recent winters have seen a succession of severe storms and research by the University of Plymouth suggests that some parts of the country may become stormier still – wherever your property is located, therefore, the roof will have taken quite a battering;
  • now is the time to check for any loose or displaced tiles or slates – maybe with the help of a pair of binoculars and viewed from across the street or the end of the garden;
  • it may be dangerous trying to make any repairs yourself, so hire a professional;


  • while they are up on the roof, ask the crew to clear out the gutters of the leaves, moss and other debris that inevitably accumulates there and replace any damaged or leaking gutters to prevent water ingress to the property itself;

Window and door frames

  • where you have wooden framework around any doors and windows make sure it is in a good state of repair – filling and repainting where necessary to stop any further leaks and prevent rot;

Damp and condensation

  • during the winter, persistent wet weather has meant that water will have found its way into every vulnerable nook and cranny – and water ingress may lead to damp and condensation, problems which can become both complex and difficult to resolve;
  • damp, condensation, and the mould they encourage can also be damaging to health – so address the issues as soon as you can;

Plumbing issues

  • continuing the inspection inside your property, check and repair any plumbing issues – from a persistently dripping tap to leaking radiators or problems with the central heating boiler, preventative maintenance can take care of long-term problems;

Smoke and CO2 detectors

  • remind yourself of your obligations as a landlord not only to install smoke alarms and CO2 detectors, where necessary but also to ensure that the batteries are not dead and that they work properly – an up to date guide on the requirements for landlords was published on the 29th of July 2022;

Yard or garden

  • if your property has a yard or garden, things are likely to be looking rather the worse for wear after the winter’s storms – and fencing may have become damaged or blown down;
  • a poorly maintained yard or garden – with broken or dilapidated fencing – is not only an eyesore but, if you are looking for tenants, it is likely to put them off;
  • make sure to clean any slippery decking and jet wash the paving;

Spring cleaning

  • finally, and especially if this spring heralds a change of tenants, give the inside of the property a thorough spring clean;
  • you might imagine you already knew everything there is to know about spring cleaning, but the UK website Cleaner Cleaner has published a room by room checklist of literally hundreds of spring cleaning tips.

Spring brings a new chapter in the history of your property. Start as you mean to go on in keeping it in a good state of repair by completing our suggested checklist of spring property maintenance tasks.

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