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Are there any restrictions as to whom I can let to?

We are very pleased to confirm that Cover4LetProperty policies will cover all types of tenant irrespective of the category they may come into.

That would typically include students, social benefit recipients, immigrants and so on.

It is worth drawing to your attention though that not all insurance providers will necessarily do so and some may exclude certain groups of tenants based upon perceptions of risk.

However, you should also be aware that insurance might not be your only consideration in these circumstances. You may need to think about:

There may be other, perhaps rather more unusual circumstances under which there may be restrictions as to who you can let your property to.

That might arise in circumstances such as when a property sits in a conservation area or is in a location where it is surrounded by sheltered housing etc.

They may be exceptional and unusual situations though and for the most part, your main issues will most likely be with your insurance cover and possibly your mortgage provider.

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