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Do you cover let listed properties?

Listed properties may come under a number of different listing categories. To make matters a little more complicated, the listing categories in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland may all have differences to each other.

Broadly speaking, we will be able to offer cover for a large number of listed properties. However, the nature of such property means that each individual case may be very different based upon the age of the building, its generic type, where it is located, its value and so on.

For that reason, we may invite people looking for cover to contact us for specific advice as opposed to merely issuing an online quotation. This is perfectly normal and should not be construed as cause for concern or an automatic indication that we are about to decline to cover your property.

We can confirm that we do not offer cover for thatched properties including when they are listed. Space doesn’t permit a full discussion of the reasons why but we would nevertheless welcome your enquiries – we will guarantee to put you in touch with an expert policy provider who typically will cover this type of roof.

It is worth stressing that if you have a listed property, it is particularly important that you have an in-depth understanding of the cover provided by your buildings policy.

That’s because under some grading and local authority regulations, in the event of a major disaster you may be obliged to not only rebuild the property exactly as it was but also using traditional materials and techniques that may be very difficult to source today.

What that means is that your rebuilding costs may be particularly high and you would need to be sure they are covered by your policy.

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