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How do you find the best landlord insurance?

Looking for insurance can be tricky if you are doing it with no help. After all, finding the most cost-effective and appropriate insurance policy is an important decision. But if you consult a specialist landlord insurance provider – such as us at Cover4LetProperty – you may be able to find in minutes what you consider is the best landlord insurance policy for your individual needs.

Do note that where we say the “best” landlord insurance, you must bear in mind that there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to what the best buy to let insurance policy may look like. After all, what is best for one property owner may not suit the needs of another landlord!

You may be looking for a policy that:

  • is appropriate for the type of property that you have;
  • offers all the elements of landlord insurance cover that you require (so you are only paying for the elements of cover you need); and
  • is at a price that you consider cost-effective.

How much does landlord insurance cost?

Buy to let insurance may be priced using similar considerations to conventional home insurance policies. So, the insurer may consider the age and construction method of your house or flat, and its location when they give you a price for the cover.

You may find that if your property is in a postcode area that is associated with a low risk of crimes and floods, the prices quoted may be lower than for properties in an area that has a history of these things.

Discounts on let property insurance policies

As a landlord no doubt you may be concerned with the bottom line on what your buy to let insurance policy will cost. When getting let property insurance quotes, why not see whether any discounts may be available?

For example, some landlord insurance providers may offer lower prices for:

  • properties that are covered as part of a portfolio – this insurance is called multiple property insurance cover or property portfolio insurance; and
  • any extra security precautions that you may have had fitted (e.g., extra locks and alarms over and above what the policy requires as the bare minimum of security).

You might be able to identify several other such opportunities if you read your policy and work closely with your insurance provider.

Top questions on the best landlords insurance company

Many of us like to think we are getting the best deal possible and that leads to questions relating to how to find the best landlords’ insurance cover.

Some of those questions are listed here and some responses offered.

Who offers the best landlords’ insurance?

Although it is understandable why the question is asked, it is impossible to answer.

The fact of the matter is that the best landlords’ insurance company for one landlord might not prove to be the best for another.

There are a huge number of variables that need to be considered before selecting a policy. That might include things such as the type of property you have, the type of tenancies you are involved in and, the value of your contents etc.

Different insurance companies might offer more suitable policies depending upon how you answer those and other similar questions.

At Cover4LetProperty, we will commit to working to help you find suitable cover for your situation.

Where can I find cheap landlords cover?

Looking for cheap cover may be a rather a risky approach to adopt when searching for a policy to protect a major financial asset.

It is more advisable to focus your attention on finding a policy that is a good match for your circumstances and which offers you the cover you may need to provide a degree of financial peace of mind.

Having what you might call a cheap let property insurance policy won’t be of any consolation to you in a situation where you have tried to make a claim against it, only to find that the circumstances are not covered.

Getting the most appropriate insurance

As well as comparing low landlord insurance prices, it is also important that you compare the level and elements of cover too, to ensure that not only does it offer value for money, but the protection you need.

So, if you are looking for the best landlord insurance, remember that while price is important, having adequate protection in place is probably the key consideration when choosing your cover.

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