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How to find the most suitable landlord insurance

A report in the Express newspaper on the 26th of January 2018 described the challenging economic and financial climate faced by private sector landlords and gave some detailed reasons why their numbers might be expected to decline.

Whether you are a “professional” landlord, making your buy to let property or properties the mainstay of your livelihood, or an “accidental” landlord who unexpectedly finds themselves with a property to let, you almost certainly need landlord insurance.

So, how do you find the most suitable product?

Consult a specialist landlord insurance broker

With our many years’ of expertise and experience, here at Cover4LetProperty, of course, we are bound to say that aren’t we, however …

  • our essential mission is also echoed by the British Association of Insurance Brokers (BIBA), which says that the sole purpose of an independent insurance broker is to find appropriate cover for landlords at a competitive market price;
  • of course, there may be other ways of trying to find suitable landlord insurance through your own efforts, but an independent let property insurance broker may be best placed to identify your specific needs as a landlord;
  • it is the broker who is then able to match these to the wide range of products available – all the while searching for a price that typically represents good value for money;

Landlord insurance online

  • not only do we do the searching and matching of your needs to insurance products on your behalf, but we have also streamlined our processes to make them as simple and straightforward as possible;
  • not surprisingly, this involves enlisting the help of the internet, so that you may make all of your enquiries, receive a quotation, make your formal application and receive your policy documents entirely online (though if you wish to speak to us, of course we would love to hear from you);
  • purchasing your landlord insurance online has probably never been so stress-free and seamless;
  • throughout that process, we make sure to have your telephone number – so that we may contact you directly in the event of any questions or queries we may need to raise with you.

Securing suitable landlord insurance online

Once you have decided that obtaining your landlord insurance online may be the way to go, you might want to consider just what the cover is likely to embrace – please note that not all landlord insurance policies will offer all these elements of cover, so you do need to check with the individual provider:

  • it typically covers protection against loss or damage to the let property of the building itself – from threats as varied as fire, floods, the escape of water, storm damage, impacts (from vehicles or falling objects, such as trees and their branches), vandalism and theft;
  • it may also be extended to any contents you own in the let property if required – with some policies also including cover against the risk of malicious damage caused by your tenants;
  • when you buy landlord insurance online, your policy also typically incorporates landlord liability cover – granting you indemnity against claims from tenants, their visitors, neighbours or members of the public who might have been injured or had their own property damaged through some contact with your let property; and
  • your landlord insurance may also include compensation for any loss of rental income that follows a serious insured event which renders the accommodation temporarily unfit for habitation.

Finding and arranging your landlord insurance online, from a specialist provider with expertise and experience in matching your needs and requirements to the appropriate products available, therefore, may prove one of the most simple, straightforward and hassle-free methods of obtaining the cover you need.

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