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Making a Claim

When disaster strikes and your property suffers loss, damage or theft, it can be very stressful. To get things back to normal as quickly as possible and to make a claim on your property insurance policy, please …

Contact us on 01702 606 301 during office hours. We will be very happy to help you with your claim and provide support at what can often be a very challenging time.

Please have to hand your insurance policy number, which can be found in your policy documents.

Alternatively, you can contact your insurance company directly.

What information will be needed to make a claim?

Once you have notified us or your insurer directly that you wish to make a claim, you will need to provide further information and, possibly, documentation:

  • please tell us or your insurer about the situation and the loss or damage you have suffered;
  • depending on the insurer and the situation, you may be required to fill out a claims form in addition to providing details over the phone;
  • listen to the advice provided by your insurer on how to limit any further damage;
  • confirm your excess amount with us or your insurer;
  • review your policy documents to ensure that you meet any deadlines or requirements for making a claim.

What happens next?

Once you have started the claims process, typically you will be asked to:

  • provide any necessary paperwork, such as photographs or repair estimates, to support your claim;
  • in some cases, you may need to meet with an assessor who will assess the damage in person and review the details of your claim;
  • if the claim is related to theft or vandalism, make sure to file a report with your local police station as soon as possible. You will need to provide the incident number as proof to support your claim.

How we can help you make your claim

As a specialist landlord insurance provider, we have given advice and help to thousands of customers when they need to make a claim.

We provide assistance at all levels of your property insurance claim as this can be a frustrating time. We speak to people a lot who have issues with the stress of the situation, and it is advisable to contact us in the event of a claim, as we have experts able to help.

We can advise on the action you need to take and help guide you through the claims process.

Your cover and your claim

Landlord insurance policies have different levels of cover and, whilst we try and explain these at inception, you may require clarification in the event of a claim.

When choosing Cover4LetProperty for your landlords insurance, you have access to a wide range of exclusive policies for tenanted properties, unoccupied and commercial covers.

At the inception of your landlords insurance policy, we explain the procedure for making a claim. This is then backed up in writing in your let property insurance policy wording and Schedule.

You are also given a dedicated Account Handler for your policy, who can give advice and a contact number to speak to your landlords insurer.

We are always open to feedback on your claim as we select our landlords insurance providers on the basis that they have the same ethos of customer service as we do!

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