Commercial property insurance

Posted: 27th Mar 2019

Commercial property – just like any other kind of property – needs the protection of suitable insurance. The following, therefore, is a suggested guide to the key features of commercial property insurance. Who needs commercial property insurance cover? The type of commercial property insurance you arrange is likely to differ in some regards depending on Read the full article…

What types of landlord insurance are there?

Posted: 17th Mar 2017

There is a general consensus that changes to tax rules and ever-increasing regulation have made life more difficult for landlords of let property in the past couple of years. Those difficulties have been made no easier by the growing trend towards a contraction in the private rented sector through greater home ownership – a trend Read the full article…

What is commercial landlord insurance?

Posted: 15th May 2015

If you are the owner of buy to let property, you might be the landlord of: residential let property; or commercial let property. Naturally enough, residential property is occupied by private tenants making their home, whilst commercial property is occupied by business tenants with their own commercial enterprises to run – be they shops, restaurants, Read the full article…