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Do you offer discounts for having multiple properties insured with you?

Yes! This is sometimes called multiple property insurance cover or property portfolio insurance.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further and to highlight some of the real cost savings that might be achievable in situations where you have a number of properties insured with us.

Although a focus on cost is understandable, it’s also important to take into account the administrative overhead reductions that you might achieve through having a single policy as opposed to one for each property you own.

Having a single policy will typically mean only one renewal date, one renewal premium and only one relationship with an insurance provider to manage. This can be a huge time saving over situations where you are trying to do exactly the opposite and are, for example, trying to control multiple policies through multiple providers.

Cover is available for a wide range of different property types, in different locations and for different types of tenant.

As an illustration, we are happy to cover all types of tenants although some policy providers might exclude segments such as housing benefit recipients, students, asylum seekers and so on.

To some extent, portfolio insurance is always by its nature somewhat bespoke. We have no way of knowing how many properties you have, their values or where they are etc.

So, rather than speculate further here, we invite you to contact us for a discussion of your requirements as soon as possible. You’ll see that we can typically put some very interesting multiple property propositions on the table for you in a very short space of time!

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