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How do I make a claim on my policy?

When we help you to find a policy suitable for your needs, we also make sure that you are totally clear as to how to make a claim should the need arise.

As a general principle, you will lodge your claim with the claim services of the issuing insurer. In some cases they may administer the claim themselves or in other cases they may use a third-party to do so. In reality, whichever is the case, it should make no difference to the excellent service you receive.

As you may appreciate, you do not make your claim with us as such. Our formal involvement in handling a claim would mean we would sit between you and the issuing insurer. That would be likely to achieve little other than administrative delay.

However, if you do need to make a claim against the policy we have sourced for you, we invite you to notify us so that we can assist with its smooth processing. It is not unusual for questions to arise in the course of a claim and you should not see that as any reflection on the validity of your position. It is routine and typically only to clarify aspects of the detail.

Do note though that we are unable to overrule any positions adopted by the issuing insurer and their claims handling. We have a role to play in clarifying positions and helping you to understand any points of detail and that’s a duty we take very seriously but ultimately the decision as to whether to accept a claim or not will sit with the insurer.

Remember that the provision of receipts, photographs and where appropriate witness testimonies, may all help speed your claim to final resolution.

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