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I have had previous claims – can you still offer me a Landlords Insurance Quotation?

At Cover4LetProperty we pride ourselves on being able to offer terms for the majority of risks, including landlords who have previously suffered from claims on their properties.

We cannot promise to offer landlords insurance quotations for every risk but we can promise you that we will do our utmost to find you cost-attractive cover – or tell you why we can’t if our insurers are unable to offer you terms.

You may have previously made claims for:

  • fire damage;
  • flood;
  • water damage;
  • malicious damage;
  • theft.

You will need to tell us information about your claim to enable us to obtain your landlords insurance quotation including:

  • date of loss;
  • amount of claim (even if you did not go ahead through your insurance company with the claim, if it was reported, you still need to tell us);
  • a brief description of how loss/claim occurred.

In the event of a large loss we may ask you to talk us through any alterations you have made to your property to prevent further losses occurring.

The more you can tell us, then the greater the chance of us to obtain competitive quotations for your landlords insurance.

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