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Using landlords insurance brokers

Landlords typically regard their properties as a business concern. As such, your objective may typically be expressed along the lines of trying to obtain the maximum occupancy you can, for the highest possible rates whilst, at the same time, reducing your costs and risks. Using landlords insurance brokers just may help you with the latter part of that objective.

Insurance – a protection but also a cost

You, like some other responsible landlords, may consider landlords insurance to be essential.

You may have it in place to protect the structure of your building (if you have a buy to let mortgage, such cover may be obligatory) as well as its contents. You may also place great importance on having appropriate third party liability cover.

Important as all those things may be to you, you may also have two further objectives relating to landlords insurance:

  • to try and obtain the most appropriate landlords cover you can;
  • to try and keep down the costs of your let property insurance to the most cost-effective level possible.

These two objectives may, in some respects, appear to be in conflict with each other and you may welcome some assistance in trying to achieve both these goals.

This balancing isn’t unique to insurance because it forms part of modern life. When thinking about landlords cover, however, landlords insurance brokers such as ourselves may be able to help you achieve it.

The role of landlords insurance brokers

These organisations typically know the market well and have access to multiple insurers. They are typically specialists who may be able to match your requirements against those of their insurers, so as to avoid you having to do the work of comparing dozens of offers against each other.

For example, they may know currently that some insurers are offering landlord rent insurance under certain conditions. If these conditions are high on your priority list then they’ll typically able to route your enquiry directly to insurers that may be able to meet them.

Using brokers such as ourselves as Cover4LetProperty, may be able to save you both time and money.

The alternative

Of course, you don’t have to use such brokers. You could trawl through hundreds of websites trying to obtain individual quotations, then try to sort them out one from another. Comparing prices alone however, is easy but also potentially misleading, so you’ll typically also have to compare the cover plus terms and conditions to ensure you find the most suitable deal.

So, you may wish to do that – or you may wish to use landlords insurance brokers. The choice is yours!

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