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What is Trace and Access cover?

Many of our landlord insurance policies offer trace and access cover as a standard feature. Of course, that won’t mean much to you if you aren’t actually sure what trace and access cover is!

To explain, this is how it works – however, do note that this is a brief explanation and what one insurer constitutes as being covered, another may not:

  • if there is a problem in your property which is covered by insurance, you may think that that is all there is to it;
    unfortunately, that problem may have consequential effects in other areas;
  • for example, if you have a spreading damp patch that has clearly arisen as a result of a leaking pipe, a plumber coming into your property might not immediately be able to see where
  • the water is coming from and hence where the break or other problem is. He or she may need to start digging up floors or removing plasterwork in several different areas before they are able to identify the source and fix it;
  • in the building and insurance domain, this sort of activity is called trace and access. That is in order to distinguish it from the work that a tradesperson might have to do in order to fix the problem itself – once they have actually found where it is arising;
  • it may surprise you to know that some insurance policies may cover the repair of the problem but not of the associated trace and access activities and resultant damage that was required in order to expose the source of the trouble;
  • given the substantial costs that might be involved in a tradesperson not only doing the work but then subsequently restoring any inevitable damage that arose, making sure that your property has trace and access cover on its buildings insurance policy might be sensible.

Of course, with all things, terms and conditions apply – for example if there is no actual damage to the property caused by escape of water, then you may not be able to claim for the repairs of sourcing the leak.

If you require clarification on any aspect of your landlord insurance cover, please feel free to get in touch.

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